Here is a partial list of country prefixes operated by our members during past DXpeditions, contest events, and other world travels. If you worked and confirmed all the TDXS member DXpeditions, you would qualify for DXCC!

3DA0, 3B7, 4U1ITU, 4W, 4X, 5J0, 5R8, 5T5, 5Z4, 6D2, 6Y, 7J7, 7P8, 8P6, 8P9, 9G1, 9H3, A2, BV0, BY1, BY9, C6, C9, CY9, DL, E51, EA, EA9, EI2, F, FO, FP0, FP8, G, G0, G4, GJ0, GM6, GM0, GU0, H75, HB9, HC1, HC8, HI3, HL9, HR, HV3, HZ1, J3, J6, J75, JY4, KH2, KH6, KL7, KP2, KP4, KP5, KP6, KV4, LA0, LU6, LX, M0, MM, OA, OH, OH0, OJ0, OK8, ON4, P4, PA, PJ4, PJ7, PJ9, PY0F, PY1, R3, R9, S5, ST0, SV9, SV0, TF, TI, TT8, TX0, V2, V31, V4, V63, V73, VE1, VE2, VE3, VK2, VK3, VO1, VP1, VP2, VP2E, VP2K, VP2M, VP2V, VP5, VP6, VP8, VP9, VS6, VU, VU7, VY1, XA5, XE1, XE2, YB9, YI9, YN2, YV5, YV6, ZF1, ZF2, ZF8, ZL9, ZP0, ZS6.

The list is still growing!

V31KF - Belize 1993 CQWW DX CW

TDXS Operates from Belize - November 1993 for the CQWW DX CW contest. Operators: Don Butler KI3L (now N5LZ), Billy Bradford K5GA, Rich Keller K5WA (SK), Bob Evans N5DU (now K5WA), Joe Staples W5ASP (SK)

ZF8AA - Little Cayman 1992 CQWW DX SSB

TDXS Operates from Little Cayman - October 1992 for the CQWW DX SSB contest. Operators included four TDXSers plus two non members: Don Butler KI3L (now N5LZ), Billy Bradford K5GA, Bob Evans N5DU (now K5WA), Joe Staples W5ASP (SK), plus non-members K0BG and W0LSD.

We made something over 7000 qsos and 11 million points, ranking number 8 world multi- single.

ZF2NE - Grand Cayman 1997 ARRL DX CW

TDXS Operator: Joe Staples W5ASP (SK) did a single op single band 20 meter effort and had over 2200 qsos.

Joe did a fair amount of traveling back in those days. He operated from that QTH, which was on Grand Cayman.

KP5 - Desecheo Island 1985

TDXS Operates from KP5 - Desecheo Island, March 6-11,1985. Operators: K5LZO, KA5SBS, KC5M, KD5SP, KZ5M, N5DU, NP4C, NP4KA, NR5M, WP4ATF. 17,000 QSO's on 7 bands.

KP5 - Desecheo Island 1985 QSL card

Callsigns used: NR5M/KP5, K5LZO/KP5, and KA5SBS/KP5. We still have logs. If you need a card, contact W9DX.

VP8WWW - Falkland Islands

TDXS operates as VP8WWW from the Falkland Islands, Nov 20- Dec 4, 2004. Operators: W5PF, WF5W, W5MJ, NM5G. QSL Mgr: W5PF

V63 - Yap Island DXpedition by W5PF & WF5W

V63PF and V63WC DXpedition to Yap Island by W5PF & WF5W, 2003.

C91CF - Mozambique

Frosty-K5LBU operates from Mozambique as C91CF, July 2004.

V73T - First Activation of new IOTA!

N5UR & crew activate Taongi Atoll, Marshall Islands as V73T, August 18-21, 2004.

V73T - Taongi Atoll, Marshall Islands

The cozy operating tent on the beach of Taongi Atoll, Marshall Islands. August 2004.

V31AD - Belize

N5DD & AG5TX operate from Belize as V31AD, March 13-20, 2004.

3DA0CF - Swaziland - 2002

Frosty-K5LBU operates from Swaziland as 3DA0CF, 2002.

PV0F - Fernando de Noronha, May 2001

Dennis-K7BV is part of the PV0F team.

OJ0/K7BV - Aland Islands May & Sept 1999

Dennis - K7BV (past TDXS President) makes another DXpedition to the Aland Islands.

BY1PK - 1984

W9DX presents the staff of BY1PK with the TDXS Friendship Plaque.

BY1QH - 1986-1989

Mike Bragassa - K5UO (ex-NS7Z) was a regular guest op at the university club station BY1QH in Beijing during 1986-89.

7P8 - Lesotho July 2003


Greece - SV0JB

Jim - N4AL / SV0JB regularly operates from his station in Greece.

R9/N5XZ - Siberia August 2002

Allen Brier - N5XZ operates from Western Siberia. (l-r) RW9QW/9, R9/N5XZ, Vlad - RA9JP.

R9/N5XZ - Siberia 2002-2003

N5XZ operates from the QTH of RA9JP in Langepas, Khanty-Mansi, Western Siberia.

MM/N5ET/P - Isle of Skye, IOTA EU-008, 2003 & 2005

Bob - N5ET likes putting on IOTA operations, and did 5 in 2 weeks from Scotland.

VP5 - Turks & Caicos 2001


VP2MCU - Montserrat 1994

by N5DD & KC5DJI.

9H3 - Team Malta March 1-8, 2006

WF5W/9H3W, W9DX/9H3DX, N5DD/9H3RY, K5WAF/9H3WF, W5MJ/9H3V, K5UO/9H3UO, NM5G/9H3KD, W5PF/9H3PF.

TT8XZ - Chad 2003

Allen Brier N5XZ operates from Chad Dec 14-16, 2003 as TT8XZ.

V31 - TDXS & FISTS 1st SK Contest

TDXS members WF5W, K5WQG & WB5IUU was joined in Belize by WZ8C for the 1st FISTS straight key contest 9/2006.



Lakshadweep - Jan 2007

W5MJ/VU3JMB operates as VU7RG from Agatti, Lakshadweep Islands.

VP2VEA - British Virgin Islands

K5WAF, WF5W, WZ8C, WB5IUU & W5PF contest from BVI in the IARU and FISTS Sprint contests. July 2007.

A25 - Team Botswana July 2007

Frosty A25CF/K5LBU & Wayne A25KDJ/W5KDJ operated from a game reserve in Botswana July 5-20, 2007, including the IARU contest as A25HQ.

C91KDJ - Nov 2007

Wayne W5KDJ made over 8500 CW & RTTY Qs from Mozambique. He was active in the CQWW-CW contest.

5J0E - San Andres Island

WF5W, W5PF, K5WAF, W5PR, N4AL & NM5G operated from San Andres Island Feb 28 - March 6th, 2008.

5R8KD - Madagascar

Wayne W5KDJ operates from Madagascar July-Aug 2009.