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DX Information

General Contesting Information

Recent ARRL DX Bulletins                                                      

Contesting Online

425 DX News home page                                                        

KA9FOX Contesters & DXers

ARRL DXCC Visual History Chart                            


Recent OPDX Bulletins                                                            

CQ Magazine

The Daily DX home page

Royal Society of Great Britain


JIDX Contest Official Page

DX Summit (DX Spots and Archives)


Houston Beam Headings                                                           


World Time by Cities                                                     

Contest Scores, Rules, and Results

DXCC Entities List

3830 Score Submittal Forms                                                     

DXCC Dialog Weblog

The Society of Midwest Contesters                                           

Worldwide Licensing Info                                                           

ARRL Contest Results                                                              

ARRL Operating Permit Info by Country                                     

CQ WPX Contest                                                                    

DX Holiday Website                              

CQ World Wide DX Contest

QRZ DX & DX Magazine                                                              

Texas QSO Party

ITU Callsign Allocations                                         

    ARRL Log Robot Reports







Roy Hradilek, AD5Q Propagation History & Forecasts


W6EL Propagation

Contest Calendars

Geo Clock

ARRL Contest Calendar       

Great Circle Maps

NG3K Contest & DXpedtion Webpages

Propagation by N6RT

WA7BNM Contest Calendar       

DX Toolbox - HF Radio Propagation

NASA  Real-time Satellite Tracking website

W1AW Propagation Bulletins


Worldwide Sunrise / Sunset Calculator


Grid Square - Latitude Longitude Conversion


On-Line HF Propagation Prediction

Contesting Software

Near Real-Time MUF Map

DXlabs Helpful Links by AJ4F  

    DXProp & PropHF Free Programs

CT by K1EA 


    The RufzXP - CW Trainer by DL4MM

NA by K8CC                                                                          

QSL Info & Services

Writelog by W5XD QSL Manager Finder

K9JY's Writelog Site 

Foreign QSL Bureau Addresses

SD by EI5DI 

Global QSL (Discover a New Way)

N1MM Logger

IK3QAR QSL Manager Look-up

Win-EQF by N3EQF 

K3FN QSL Service 

LogConv by KA5WSS 

ON6DP QSL Mgr Database 

WT4I Contest Tools

Pathfinder Web Client

CTY Country Update Files for Logging Software

SM5ARL QSL Managers List

Log conversion tools by SP7DQR

    U.S. Hams by Zip Code with Map 

TR Log by N6TR 

W5 Incoming QSL Bureau




National Organizations

Texas Clubs

American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

Central Texas DX & Contest Club

ARRL South Texas STX Section News

Dallas/Fort Worth Contest Group

Lone Star DX Association


Texas VHF-FM Society

Houston Area Clubs

Temple Amateur Radio Club

Northwest Amateur Radio Society (NARS)

Stephen F. Austin Radio Club - Bellville

Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club  (CLARC)


Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club


BVARC - Brazos Valley ARC


Houston Vintage Radio Association - HVRA


    Tidelands Amateur Radio Club (TARS), Texas City  

Pearland Amateur Radio Club (PARC)


Texas Emergency Amateur Communications (TEAC)


TDXS Member Home Pages



Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive


Hubble Telescope Wallpaper Website

Mike Hance, K5NZ

Useful Tower Data and Safety Info

Joe Staples, W5ASP

FCC - ULS online lookup

Dennis Motschenbacher, K7BV 

AMSAT - Online Satellite Pass Prediction Calculator

Richard King, K5NA

Ben Worrell, NE5B  

    North Jersey DX Association

Don Daze, N5DD 

    Building an Authentic 1937 Ham Station

Eric Silverthorn, NM5M 

    History of the Quartz Crystal Industry in the USA

Randy Thompson, K5ZD

    Microphone Connections for Popular Rigs

Laurent Thomin, W�MM

Houston Area Repeater List

Bill Eckenrode, W5SG

Repairing a HyGain Tail-Twister Rotor

Dennis Alexander, W5KU

Delta DX Association - New Orleans

Dave Blaschke - W5UN

Troubleshooting Traps

Sid Leach - K5XI

Kenwood Service Bulletins

Bill Frink - K5WAF

AR Cluster Commands

Keith Dutson - NM5G


Tom Taormina - K5RC


Bob Bradshaw - N5RF


Bob Hardie Sr. - W5UQ



Houston, Texas - Current Weather Conditions

Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Current Weather Conditions

                   Houston Hobby Airport (HOU) Current Weather Conditions

                   National Hurricane Center





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